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Explore all the O'Brien kneeboarding products you need to have an incredible time on the water, whether you are riding behind a boat, jetski, or cable.

    Kneeboarding is the perfect sport for introducing new people to the joys of towed water sports. The boards are very stable and can be ridden at slow speeds. The fact that they are so user-friendly puts a smile on everyone's face. Plus, you can have fun riding them behind boats, jet skis, and even at the cable park. Most of us remember going out as kids and having a blast cruising around the lake on a kneeboard. We'd ride backward, do surface spins, maybe a small jump here and there. It's an incredible tool for building confidence on the water.

    Over the years, innovations like O'Brien's Aquatic Hooks have made learning to kneeboard even easier. Before the boat starts to go, the rider places the handle into the hook so the boat will tow the board. This makes it easier for beginners to get up since they are no longer holding onto the handle. Then, once out of the water and in their kneeboard position, they can grab the handle and ride like normal. By using this technique, it's amazing how much easier it is for kids learning to kneeboard.

    While most people relate kneeboarding to a fun, recreational time on the water, there are a lot of determined athletes pushing the sport to new levels. Many of these riders charge into wakes for massive jumps, spins, and flips. You can also find pro kneeboarders at cable parks hitting the features and doing flipping like wakeboarders. Due to their high-performance needs, most of these riders prefer O'Brien's high-end kneeboards, which are consistently regarded as the best kneeboards available.