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Frequently Asked Questions

Processing and shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. See the map below for the estimated shipping duration.

O'Brien offers a one year warranty on all products except for non-towables, they have a 90 day warranty.

First, bring your proof of purchase and product back to the authorized O'Brien dealer in which it was purchased from. All O'Brien dealers honor our one year warranty. If for some reason you are unable to obtain a replacement through your O'Brien dealer, please click on 'warranty' under the contact tab and fill out and send to us the required information listed. We will reply to you ASAP, typically within 24 hours. If you are still having issues with finding a replacement, please contact O'Brien customer service at 1 (800) 662-7436.

No. Unfortunately, due to costing, we are unable to manufacture covers separately for our inflatables.

We have them in stock, here!, If you are in a pinch and need one expedited, you can purchase replacement Boston Valves using expedited shipping through online dealers or consulting a local dealer in your area. For standard delivery, please contact O'Brien customer service at 1 (800) 662-7436. For a picture of a Boston Valve, please look under the accessories tab.

First, check your Boston Valve and ensure it is fastened securely, so that no air is able to escape. For instructions on proper inflation, please click on the following link for an instructional video. If you find that your leak is coming from a puncture or hole in the tube, follow the instruction on your O'Brien repair patch that came with your inflatable. If your leak is on a seam or you are unable to repair it, please contact O'Brien customer service if you would like to purchase a replacement .Please note, we only carry a select few replacement parts for tubes, and your tube may not be sold separately.

Check out this video!, The most common issues with inflatables are due to the fact that they are under inflated. Always be sure you inflate your tube properly.

You can only purchase product through an authorized O'Brien dealer, and our website. To find a dealer in your area, please click on the O'Brien dealer locator. From there, you will be able to use your address to find local dealers. If you would like to purchase product online, websites are listed in the dealer locator as well. O'Brien is a wholesale company and unable to sell directly to the public.

Unfortunately we do not sell replacement parts or bindings for older (10 years or so) skis and wakeboards. For older ski bindings, please contact Wiley's at (206) 762-1300.

Unfortunately we are unable to assess market value for used product. Our best suggestion is to research popular sites such as EBAY or Craigslist for the going rate on similar or same product.