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Owners Manuals & Safety Information

O’Brien asks that you follow the Watersports Responsibility Code while using any of our products. Have fun and be safe!

O’Brien is committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable, and user–friendly, water sports products. At all levels of the company, O’Brien promotes responsibility and concern for the safety of our customers, employers, and the general public.

Safety, quality, and reliability are critical performance measures for all O’Brien products. We work to continuously improve safety by: maintaining strict product design criteria and quality controls, engaging with consumers, dealers, manufacturers, professional athletes, and industry organizations, and staying current with new regulations, industry-best practices, and marketplace conditions.

It is our responsibility to understand all the issues involving safety associated with our products. Extensive operating hazard analyses based on a product’s intended and foreseeable uses is imperative to ensure each product’s safety and quality. O’Brien’s goal is to make each product safe for all of its intended and foreseeable uses, while maintaining the product’s quality and integrity.

Thank You to the American Canoe Association for allowing us to promote their Public Safety Announcements on Stand Up Paddle Safety.

Watersports Responsibility Code