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The Pro Tracs are the perfect entry into the world of trick skiing. Sold as a pair, these skis are designed to quickly build the skier's confidence and, once comfortable, smoothly transition them to a single ski. Each ski comes mounted with a securely fitting Z-9 front binding and rear toe plate. There is no need to make any changes if someone else skis with a different foot forward; just grab the other ski and you are good to go. Due to their ease of use and forgiving ride, the Pro Tracs have quickly become the most popular recreational trick skis ever made!


  • Length - 42" (106.7 cm)
  • Z-9 Front Bindings with RTP
  • Foot Size - Men's US 7-13
  • Tapered Bevels - Creates lift for easy starts
  • Full-Length Base Channels - Increases stability and control
  • Symmetrical Rocker - Smooth predictable ride

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