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Playful Park Performance

Dary Znebel's pro model, the DZ, delivers an unrivaled level of playfulness and park performance to unleash your creativity on the water.

This board inspires progression, whether pressing or buttering around the park or creating mind-blowing unique lines on your favorite features. With its soft transitional flex, a full Paulownia wood core, lifted catch-free edges, and updated deck countouring, the DZ delivers a lively yet loose and incredibly forgiving ride on the water and on rails. Plus, its Impact Base allows you to charge big transfers and heavy kicker hits with the best of them. So, reimagine your riding with the DZ. Once you hop on, you'll never look back.


  • Soft Transitional Flex
  • Park Performance Rocker
  • Wood Core
  • Catch-Free Edge
  • Impact Base
  • DuraRail Sidewalls
  • Grab Rail
  • Four Removable Fins - Blunt 0.8







Air Tricks

soft transitional flex

Soft Transitional Flex

Medium/Soft flex through the belly of the board smoothly tapers to our softest tip and tail flex to enhance the board's fun, buttery ride and effortless pressing.

Weight Range

Weight Range DZ

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