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O'Brien SOB Wakeboard

Versatility that excels in the park and behind the boat

Year after year, the S.O.B. continues to be the most versatile board on the market. Its abrupt transitional flex pattern delivers a playful, snappy response on the water, tons of flex in the tip and tail for pressing, and a solid platform between your feet for charging kickers and riding away on big landings. It is a true all-around board that every rider can appreciate... even boat riders. Since day one, Sean has sworn that this is the best board he's ever ridden behind the boat and that it has completely reshaped his views on having fun on the water. Sean isn't alone on that; we keep hearing it more and more from other boat riders.


  • Abrupt Transitional Flex
  • Park Performance Rocker
  • Fusion Core
  • Impact Base
  • DuraRail Sidewalls
  • Grab Rail
  • Four Removable Fins - Blunt 0.8

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Air Tricks

Wakeboard Flex and Rocker

Abrupt Transitional Flex

Medium flex pattern between bindings that softens significantly towards the tip and tail; enhances the board’s snappy, fun performance on the water and rails while delivering a solid platform for hitting kickers

Perforance Graphs
2022 O'Brien Feature Focus SOB Wakeboard Fusion Core

Fusion Core

Two paulownia stringers sandwiched next to our Feather Core foam; 5 times more durable than traditional foam and enhances the board’s snap and pop off kickers and the wake.

2022 O'Brien Feature Focus SOB Wakeboard Impact Base

Impact Base

Fully sintered high-density polyethylene base material that holds up to seasons of shredding rails, kickers, ledges, and whatever else you muster up.

2022 O'Brien Feature Focus SOB Wakeboard DuraRail Sidewalls

DuraRail Sidewalls

Impact resistant urethane rail that runs around the entire edge of the board; protecting the core from any hazard you throw its way.

2022 O'Brien Feature Focus SOB Wakeboard Grab Rail

Grab Rail

Channeling on top of the board that makes it easier to lock onto grabs; also makes the board easier to carry.

2022 O'Brien Feature Focus SOB Wakeboard Removable Fins

4 Removable Fins

Have the freedom to truly customize your board's performance on the water.