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O'Brien All-Star Trainer Waterskis

Teach Kids the Easy Way

The All-Star Trainers are the ultimate training tool for teaching kids to ski! Featuring a dual tunnel design for a smooth ride, a stabilizer bar that prevents the skis from splitting apart, and the trainer rope and handle, the All-Stars have everything you need to simplify the learning process and turn your kids into waterskiers!


  • Length - 46"
  • Jr. Adjustable Bindings - Pinch-slide design for easy entry
  • Dual Tunnel Design - V-Entry at the ski tips slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride
  • Dual Molded-In Fins - Enhances control on the water
  • Trainer Rope and Handle
  • Stabilizer Bar
  • For Skiers Up to 85 lbs

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2021 O'Brien All-Star Dual Tunnel Feature Focus

Dual Tunnel

V-shaped contouring that slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride.

2021 O'Brien All-Star Bindings Feature Focus

Jr. 700 Series Adjustable Bindings

Pinch-slide adjustability allows these bindings to fit a wide range of kids' sizes and allows for effortless entry.

2021 O'Brien All-Star Trainer Bar Feature Focus

Trainer Bar

Removable stabilizer bar that holds the ski tips together for easier starts and provides an attachment point for the trainer rope to help young kids learn to ski.

2021 O'Brien All-Star Trainer Rope Feature Focus

Trainer Rope and Handle

With a handle on each end, an experienced adult in the boat must hold onto one end of the rope to help control the skier's ride and keep them safe on the water. For true beginners, the mainline of the rope and the skier's handle can attach to the trainer bar to further simplify the learning process.

2021 O'Brien All-Star Molded Fins Feature Focus

Molded Fins

Provide plenty of hold and stability on the water to give young skiers tons of control.