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  • Drastic Changes in The 2014 Pro Wakeboard Tour Leave Pro Women High And Dry.

    On Febuary 7, 2014 the Mastercraft Pro Wakeboard Tour announced drastic changes to the series, among the most controversial was the announcement that Pro Women will no longer have a home on the tour.

    “Orlando, FL. — The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, the largest and most storied professional wakeboarding circuit in the world, has redesigned its format for the 2014 season and will feature only the Pro Men’s division at all four events. With an exclusive focus on the sport’s premier division, along with a restructured contest heat advancement system and athlete qualifying standards, the MasterCraft Pro Tour has laid the groundwork to produce the most competitive and entertaining wakeboard events on the planet.”

    Previously the Pro Women were represented at 2 – 5 rounds of the tour,  inconsistent yes but enough exposure for athletes to make a living and a “Queen of Wake” to be crowned.  Shocked by the news, industry wide Pro Women are brainstorming ways they can showcase their presence in the sport to continue inspiring the next generation of professional female wakeboarders.  When questioned about tour’s restructuring  O’Brien’s Tarah Mikacich stated;

    “I am, of course, bummed to not have Pro Women included on the Pro Wakeboard Tour this year.  However, we have received such an immediate outpouring of support from fans and companies in the industry, that I am encouraged about the 2014 season.  I am already working with some sponsors to create more contests, events, and clinics for the women of wakeboarding.  There are growing numbers of women getting into wakeboarding every year.  The Pro Tour is a great aspect of the sport, but it’s not the only way for us (women) to excel.  I’m looking forward to the Summer and the new challenges it brings!”

    We’re excited for Tarah’s outlook on 2014 and will continue to support her projects any way we can.

    -Cheers to an exciting 2014!