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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Enjoy the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding and have more fun on the water with O'Brien stand up paddle boards, paddles, and SUP accessories.

    Adventure. Exploration. Exercise. Balance. Escaping the digital world to enjoy your surroundings. Having fun. That's what paddleboarding is all about. Every time you hop on a board, it's a new journey with new sights, sounds, and challenges to appreciate. That's why everyone loves to be on a paddle board.
    As the world of SUPs keeps expanding and evolving, so do our products. We listen to the desires of our customers and have built a product line that we couldn't be more proud of. Our boards are perfect for exploration, exercise, yoga, or even just a means to get out and have fun on the water.

    Not only do we build our boards for different purposes, but we also use different shapes, styles, and construction materials to complement their intended use. Looking at our boards you'll notice that some are epoxy, some are inflatable, and we even have a soft-top SUP. The epoxy boards are generally thought of as more performance-oriented. This is the traditional stand up paddleboard construction and is what most people are familiar with. The inflatable stand up paddleboards are more of an emerging sector in paddleboarding. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to transport and use. On top of that, they require minimal storage space making them convenient for most people.

    No SUP is complete without a paddle itself, and of course, we've got a few options. The carbon and bamboo paddles provide the highest performance with their minimal weight and snappy responsiveness. These are ideal for long stand-up paddle adventures. However, suppose you tend to be a little rough on your equipment or plan to spend most of your time paddling through areas with a lot of rocks or other hazards. In that case, you may want to consider one of our aluminum paddles for additional durability.

    Check out some of our additional accessories designed to protect you, your gear, and make things easier. Also, make sure you have an excellent SUP life jacket. Depending on where you are paddling, there are different rules and regulations regarding floatation devices. No matter what those rules are, your safest bet is to have one with you.