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O'Brien Kappa 1.0" Wakesurf Fin

Performance Skim Fin

The Kappa 1.0 wakesurf fin is a true high-performance skim-style fin. When used as a single tail fin, its short fin base and only 1" of depth has just enough bite to get you moving but stays out of the way when you are doing tricks. These fins can also be used as side fins on 3 fin boards to help improve stability for beginners. Kappa fins are constructed from fiberglass and resin to produce an exceptionally stiff fin that delivers an immediate response for higher-performance surfing. Additionally, this fin is compatible with current O'Brien skim-style wakesurf boards that feature a bolt-through fin design.


  • Fiberglass/resin construction - Stiffer design for immediate response
  • 50/50 Foil - Enhances stability and control while delivering a smooth feel on the water
  • 1.0" Depth - Loose skim feel with just enough hold
  • Bolt-through fin design

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