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O'Brien GC Titanium Fin Kit

Supercharged Performance

Significantly upgrade and expand your ski’s performance with the new Ti Fin Kit. This set of three titanium ski fins, each with unique design characteristics, truly allows you to customize your ski and unleash your full potential in the course. By harnessing the strength and rigidity of the Titanium blade, these fins generate immediate response and eliminate fin vibration, delivering ultimate performance on the water.


  • Titanium Construction - Greater strength, immediate response, and less bulk
  • 3 Unique Blades - Dial in the ultimate performance
    • Blade #1 - Titanium version of our premium Insight Fin.
    • Blade #2 - Larger fin for greater stability, however the larger holes reduce the surface area and allow the ski to roll through turns more aggressively.
    • Blade #3 - The Turn & Burn Fin. Gain extra angle across the course without loosing speed.

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