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O'Brien FX V3 Wakesurf Board

Fast, Modern Surf Style Shape

The FX V3 is a high-performance surfer with a modern surf style design. Featuring rounder rails than previous FXs, this rendition provides a more consistent, predictable ride that you'd expect from a traditional surf shape while still delivering superior maneuverability and effortless drive down the wave. This board is all about performance. Its winged rail and subtle concave base provide tons of speed and snappy transitions, while its wide, squared-off nose minimizes pearling (aka nose dives) and makes it easier to ride out of air reverses and shuvs.


  • Surf Style
  • Hand Shaped Epoxy
  • Carbon Strips - Enhances strength and responsiveness
  • Vector Net - Provides a high level of break and buckle resistance while maintaining a natural, lively flex pattern
  • Rounded Diamond Tail
  • Split EVA Pad
  • 5 FCS Compatible Fin Boxes

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