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O'Brien Exclusive Wakeboard

Supercharged Performance

The Exclusive is the ultimate high-performance ride. It is fast, explosive off the wake, and lands incredibly soft. While the thin profile design makes it feel like the board is barely there, all of the board's features work in concert while on edge to deliver tracking and control as you've never experienced before. At the same time, when the board is riding flat, it feels loose, free, and lively under your feet. The Exclusive's performance on the water pairs perfectly with its explosiveness off the wake - helping Cory push the sport and eliminate preconceived notions of what is capable on a wakeboard.


  • 3-Stage Rocker
  • Feather Core
  • Full Step-Down Rail
  • Variable Beveled Edge
  • Grab Rail
  • Center Spine
  • Delta Base
  • Inset Fins - Flank 0.7

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