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O'Brien DOC//SOB Wakeboard

Limited Edition DOC Signature Series

Born from the global outcry of David O'Caoimh's passionate YouTube followers, O'Brien is thrilled to release this limited edition DOC//SOB wakeboard to satisfy the desires of David's park riding fans. With its abrupt transitional flex, the DOC//SOB provides a playful, snappy response on the water, tons of flex in the tip and tail for pressing, and a solid platform between your feet for charging kickers and riding away on big landings. Basically, it's the most fun you'll ever have on a wakeboard. Give it a try, and you'll likely experience the David O'C-esque passionate exuberance for the sport that we believe everyone should have.


  • Abrupt Transitional Flex
  • Park Performance Rocker
  • Fusion Core
  • Impact Base
  • DuraRail Sidewalls
  • Grab Rail
  • Four Removable Fins - Blunt 0.8

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