O'Brien Apex 2 Towable Tube | O'Brien Watersports

O'Brien Apex 2 Towable Tube

Built for a rocking good time!

No matter how you ride it, the Apex 2 provides an exhilarating ride and unlimited fun on the water. Its dividing walls not only offer a great place to hang on, but they also help minimize contact between riders to help keep everyone safe. The Apex 2 also features our smooth SofTec top as a premium riding surface to enhance comfort for all-day enjoyment.


  • Max. Capacity - Up to two riders or 340 lbs
  • Tube Style - Deck series
  • Enhanced Durability - Fully covered in a heavy-duty nylon shell
  • Pure Comfort - Smooth SofTec top, dividing walls, and 16 soft webbing handles
  • Quick Connect Tow Hook - The safest, fastest and easiest way to connect your rope to the tube
  • Valves - 1 Lightning Valve and 3 Eco Valves
  • Size - 65" x 71"