Team O'Brien

Dallas Friday
Where You Ride: Anywhere I can but mostly on my backyard lake


Why Do You Wakeboard: I was born to wakeboard, it is my passion.


What Trick Gives You The Most Satisfaction & Why: Bat Wing because I like to take it big yet do it wake to wake with different grabs, also a toeside method 360 because they feel so cool. 


What's Your Set-Up (board, boots, stance, boat, speed, rope length): 135 Skyla board and bindings, Malibu Boat going 21 and a 1/2 and rope length 80


Most Memorable Wakeboard Experience: X-games 3 peat


Thank Yous: Obrien for believing in me since the beginning, Fox, Malibu Boats, Red Bull, JBL, Honu, Performance, OWC, But most of all my family and God