2014-BREDDAS 144-top
2014-BREDDAS 136-base


The Hoppe brothers of Uddevalla, Sweden share more than a surname. Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremia share athletic abilities as if handed down from Odin himself. The also share an unselfish sibling rivalry to better each other, giving a new definition to family support.

On a winter trip to Thailand in 2011 the brothers filmed a video documenting the experience. The result was Breddas (Jamaican slang for brothers), a 15 minute video edit posted to the web. They followed it the next year filming One Shot, which in early 2013 went viral in the wakeboard community. Each video gives you a look at not only their passion for the sport, but their aforementioned desire to better others.

O’Brien wakeboards have been the chosen brand of Breddas for years with the support of out Swedish distributor. For 2014, O’Brien has teamed up with the Hoppe brothers to introduce a special edition Breddas board, the Breddas is made from the same mold as the Baker, retaining all of the features that have helped them get to their current level. Same Progressive Rocker. Same obstacle proven Impact Base. New Breddas inspired graphic.

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Product Description

The Breddas is available in 3 sizes, 136cm, 140cm, and 144cm.